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Outstanding Rehab Center!
You Changed My Life My experience with you has changed my whole outlook on life. It helped me not just to understand the cause of my addiction, but what to do about it.
, Austin Sep 6, 2011

Customer Support are Awesome!
Deciding to go to a drug rehab was so hard for me to do because I had doubts in myself. The lady that I spoke with over the phone at Drug Rehab Austin gave me an unusual peace about making the decision to go and finally I took heed to my inner inkling. I owe a lot to that lady because if it wasn't for our discussion then I wouldn't be living a sober life right now.
, Austin Nov 24, 2011

Best Drug Rehab!
I owe you one! I was on thin ice. My drug addiction took a toll on my family and I never knew how blind I was to even see it. There is no doubt that checking into rehab center saved my life.
, Austin May 12, 2012

Amazing Services!
My father and uncle died of alcohol disease and I saw my brother going down the same path. He isn't a bad drunk, he was actually quite fun when he was drunk. But I knew he was going to go down the same path as our uncle and father. I would tell him to stop and he would agree but I would catch him slipping after only a couple weeks. I called Drug Rehab Austin and they took him in. He learned how to control his cravings and found other ways occupy his time. He has gotten healthier over the past 3 months and has a new hobby that he's trying to get into. Amateur kickball!
, Austin Mar 20, 2012

A Drug Rehabilitation Program That Really, Really Works!
My son had been to 4 drug rehab programs before going to Drug Rehab Center Austin. Quite frankly, I was offended by prior treatment programs we had placed him in. They all said great things, but they never delivered on their promises. Drug Rehab Austin program was completely the opposite! Not only did they exceed my expectations, but I truly felt that the staff really cared about my son and my entire family. My son is back, our lives are better because of you and I will never be able to thank you enough.
, Austin Jan 14, 2012

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